Schedule - CMSC414: Computer and Network Security

Classroom: IRB 0318 Class hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30pm - 4:45pm

Instructor: Yizheng Chen Email: Office Hours: Tuesday 2:15pm - 3:15pm, in IRB 5224

TA: Julius Angelo Email: Office Hours: Monday 1pm - 3pm, AVW 4132

TA: Maurice Shih Email: Office Hours: Wednesday 9am - 11am, online

TA: Benjamin Sela Email: Office Hours: Thursday 9am - 11am, online

TA: Nathan Reitinger Email: Office Hours: Friday 2pm - 4pm, online


Date Lecture Slides Project and Notes
Jan 25 Introduction 01-Intro.pdf
Software Security
Jan 30 Memory Layout and Buffer Overflows 02-Buffer-Overflows.pdf Project 1 Released
Feb 1 Memory Safety Vulnerabilities 03-Memory-Safety-Vulnerabilities.pdf
Feb 6 Mitigating Memory Safety Vulnerabilities 04-Mitigating-Memory-Safety-Vulnerabilities.pdf
Feb 8 Mitigations and Project Tutorial 05-Mitigations-and-Project-Tutorial.pdf
Feb 13 Introduction to Web and SQL Injection 06-Intro-Web-SQL-Injection.pdf
Feb 15 Cookies and CSRF 07-Cookies-CSRF.pdf
Feb 20 JavaScript, Same Origin Policy, XSS 08-JS-XSS.pdf Project 1 Due. Project 2 Released
Feb 22 UI Attacks, CAPTCHAS, Security Principles 09-UI-Attacks-CAPTCHAS-Security-Principles.pdf
Feb 27 Malware 10-Malware.pdf
Feb 29 ML Security 11-MLSecurity.pdf
Mar 5 Software Analysis
Mar 7 Midterm 1 Recap Project 2 Due on Mar 8
Mar 12 Midterm 1 Covers Jan 25 - Mar 7 lectures
Mar 14 Intro to Cryptography Project 3 Released
Mar 19 Spring Break
Mar 21 Spring Break
Mar 26 Symmetric-Key Cryptography
Mar 28 Cryptographic Hashes and MACs
April 2 Public-Key Encryption and Digital Signatures
April 4 PRNGs and Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
April 9 Certificates, Passwords, and Cryptographic Misuse Project 3 Due
April 11 Midterm 2 Recap Project 4 Released
April 16 Midterm 2 Covers Mar 14 to April 11 lectures
Network Security
April 18 Networking Background
April 23 Low-Level Network Attacks
April 25 Transport Layer, TLS
April 30 DNS and DNSSEC
May 2 Denial of Service and Firewalls
May 7 Anonymity and Tor Project 4 Due
May 9 Final Review
May 14 Final Exam Covers the entire semester. 4-6pm, Location TBD